Fallen Angel

Everything his life revolved around disappeared.

He felt like he’d failed everyone: his family, his loved ones.

And he ended up where no one would want to be.

A prison, where you rapidly lose faith in yourself, and hope of any help.

enCANTa - Angel caido 2
But life brings people to him who make him see that everything can change; that if you look at things from a different perspective, things can get better. These are people who will help him selflessly, and show him the path to his own recovery.

enCANTa offers a new perspective on well known parables that help us to better understand the messages they convey.

Here, the moving parable of the Prodigal Son will make us reflect on our own truth, on how and where we are. It will help us to know ourselves, and know that we are at peace with ourselves and the people we love.

enCANTa will attempt to have you experience first-hand the torment of seeking forgiveness through this performance, based on the life and experiences of Víctor Aguado, director of the Secretariat of Pastoral Penitentiary of the Archdiocese of Valencia.

enCANTa - Prima donna 2
enCANTa - Prima donna 3