From opera to Broadway

A show that ranges from opera to musicals performed by enCANTa, a vocal group formed of eight professional voices; a unique and exciting experience.

This performance combines the best of both musical genres, taking the audience on a journey through different styles and eras.

Opera is a genre of classical music characterized by powerful and dramatic voices. You will hear arias, duets, and choruses from famous operas by Verdi or Puccini, alongside works by contemporary composers such as Ola Gjeilo. These pieces require a wide vocal range and a solid technique to express the most intense emotions and the thrilling stories found in opera.

On the other hand, Broadway is known for its musicals. In this show, enCANTa will perform numbers from acclaimed musicals such as West Side Story and La La Land, as well as more current songs from famous international bands. These songs are fully accessible to a general audience, characterized by catchy melodies and lyrics that will appeal to absolutely anyone.

The key to uniting opera and Broadway in the same show is the versatility of the vocal group’s voices. Each singer is capable of adapting to the different vocal styles required by these genres. Furthermore, the repertoire selected includes a variety of songs that showcase the diversity of operatic and Broadway music.

The show includes original vocal arrangements, creating unique and exciting fusions.
enCANTa - Prima donna 2
enCANTa - Prima donna 3