La nit, el dia i l’estel

Our elders say that stars have a way of crying, and that those who fall into the expression of feeling show this in the form of a star. They say that these glimmers are tears of unrequited love. Impossible loves. Special and singular loves, without equal.

They say it’s the way they contemplate the first star that cried out of love. A star that fled the night in search of love, and crossed the borders of the dawn. There, ‘she’ lived through the day and, with the day, fell in love with ‘him’: the Sun.

From that moment on, nothing was the same. The gentle warmth upon her felt like the Sun was kissing her with such delicacy, with a tenderness she had never felt before. Such was the love she experienced, such was the explosion of inner feeling, she decided she would never return to the night. This is the story of that moment. The story where she wants to live by day… forever?

This is a performance in which enCANTa reinvents the epic genre of eternal stories of impossible love.

This thrilling but sensitive production seeks through poetry and poetic prose, to touch the souls of the audience. A proposition of a fusion between reality and utopia that all listeners can identify with. enCANTa will delicately accompany the spectator, bolstered by a unique stage setting in each performance.

The staging, acting and distribution of singers merge with unique musical atmospheres; with texts written by our director; with lighting effects that transport the mind to dreams; and with the the rhapsodist narrating in the role of the star.

Each moment is painted with colours that will immerse the audience completely in the story. Night and moonlight will be palpable with shades of blue; dreams and thoughts of love with the warmth of yellow, red, and orange. Presiding right at the center of this tale is a clock, focussing the attention of the audience, showing the passing of the hours and how the passage of time brings with it the inevitable end; that eventual dawn that will determine the outcome of the story.

enCANTa - Prima donna 2