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We are the only national musical group that will take you through genuine and emotional stories with exceptional vocal performances and a complete experience that includes lights, sounds and exciting dramatizations. Our shows are diverse and for all tastes. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unforgettable musical journey with enCANTa.

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Maria, prima donna

It is said that it was a woman who condemned mankind to suffer for their sins. But it was another woman who offered us the reward of salvation and everlasting life.

espectáculo el dia la nit i l'estel

La nit, el dia i l’estel

The story of the star that defied the dawn. The impossible love that will move you. La nit, el dia i l’estel.

In Two Weeks

What was to be a period of isolation due to tuberculosis in the flat where Carlos Navarro spent part of his childhood, becomes a magical adventure that will change his life forever.

Fallen Angel

Everything around which his life revolved disappeared. He felt that he failed everyone: his family, his loved ones.

espectáculo el dia la nit i l'estel

From opera to Broadway

In this wonderful show we fuse the best of opera and Broadway musicals.

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enCANTa is a unique musical group on the national scene that stands out for telling genuine stories of our own through our music. Our focus on storytelling and authenticity has captivated audiences, who are moved by each of our texts and the powerful interpretations that accompany them.

Our vocal excellence and drama skills guarantee a high quality show with every performance. Not only are we dedicated to music, but we also offer a complete show that includes stunning lighting effects, immersive sounds and a staging that will transport you to different worlds.

At enCANTa, we understand that diversity of tastes is fundamental, which is why our programmes cover a wide range of styles and themes to satisfy a varied audience. If you are looking for a unique musical experience that excites you, makes you vibrate and takes you to unexpected places, enCANTa is the musical group you are looking for.
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Calendar 23-24

To keep up to date with our exciting shows, we invite you to regularly check our programme. In our agenda, you will find the dates of our upcoming events, don’t miss them!

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