In Two Weeks

What was supposed to be a period of isolation due to tuberculosis in the apartment where Carlos Navarro spent part of his childhood becomes a magical adventure that will change his life forever.

In Two Weeks’ tells a story of personal triumph, where the reality of a grave illness intertwines with a world of mystery and fantasy in which dreams will reveal an astonishing and very special history.

enCANTa - Angel caido 2

Based on the book “En dos semanas” by Pedro Pérez Navarro.

This show is tinged with a close relationship to enCANTa. Pedro Pérez, author of the book, is a friend of several members of the group, and one of them even appears in its pages.

This situation makes the performance incredibly special, transcending any consciousness of the real world.

enCANTa has put all its energies into remaining faithful to the sense and magic of the texts, in delivering the truth that the words convey; living and singing this truth to offer, in the form of melody and without any doubt: HOPE.

enCANTa - En dos semanas-5