Maria, prima donna

They say it was a woman that condemned humanity to suffer for its sins. But they also say it was another woman who offered us the reward of salvation and eternal life.

Forget everything you’ve heard.

Forget everything you’ve seen.

And, above all, forget everything that anyone may have made you feel.

Tradition, music and words join together to let you relive this part of history from a different perspective. This story is well known to all, but it has never been told by its protagonist; rather by men who have manipulated it unscrupulously, distorting its essence for their own benefit over time.

This is why tonight, we present this story to you from the perspective of a woman who experienced the joy of being a mother, knowing that sooner or later, she would have to lose her son.

Can you imagine any other act of courage, and at the same time anything more painful for a mother, than accepting the loss of her own child?

enCANTA offers this reinterpretation of the scriptures that refer to the mother of Jesus. However this time, it is the protagonist herself who will show us true suffering.

enCANTa recounts a story that, surely, no one has ever told in this way. The narration is full of nuance and detail that many will recognize not only in the words but also through the eight voices that will surround your spirits and delve right into the soul of our protagonist.

This performance is a declaration of love towards the figure of the Mother, who is always there when needed to protect us and make us her own.
enCANTa - Prima donna 2
enCANTa - Prima donna 3